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About December 3, 2010

UHWG is a distributor of high quality medical and therapeutical equipment for professional use and for private home use as well as herbal therapeautic sinus medications and organic supplement products. UHWG also trades under the names SIMI Medical and Sinus Hotline. The UHWG product range consists of the following:

TENS Medical Devices – Primarily for Nerve and Muscle Stimulation and the provision of Drug Free Pain Relief.

EMS Devices – Aid in Stimulating Muscles, and assist with Toning and Exercising.

REFLEXOLOGY Devices – Foot Stimulator and Massager which also assists with increasing Blood Circulation to the body.

MASSAGE MACHINES – Various types of Massage Machines which provide for a relaxing Shiatsu Style Massage through to Deep Penetrating Therapeutic Massages.

SINUS relief medications – Natural Remedies to aid people who suffer from symptoms of Sinusitis, Colds and Flus.

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