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Nail down your Back pain and Muscle pain! April 1, 2011

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Back if the work horse of the body. As long as it works fine we are all very fine, but the day it starts troubling us then we had it! This has become every house hold story back pain. One or the other member of the family would be suffering from this killing back pain.

Now sedentary style of life has led to back pain and muscle pain in most of employees. This back pain is really killing sometimes. We better take care of our muscle pain and back pain before it is too late. It can occur at one point or the whole of back. This pain pattern may be depending on some movement. The most common feature of this pain is numbness, tingling and weakness. Back is very important part of the body as it plays a dominant role in the sitting posture.

Back Pain could be relieved if we know the cause or reason. Usually back pain occurs because of the muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalance can cause stress on muscle and bones and put the spine little out of alignment. This causes severe pain in the back. This has been the most common cause for the muscle pain. Our spine’s position has been determined by the muscle groups like thighs, hips and the upper body even. Firstly we need to make those muscles strong. For this, we need to do some exercises regularly.

The style of work and other activities also contribute imbalances in the body. We need to be cautious about the back pain right from the beginning. The way we exercise, the way we sit and walk can also cause back pain. Many times when pain is less it goes without noticed. For this you are the best judge, you need to find out the exact imbalance in the body by self test assessment. Better know the muscles which cause this back pain.

Only good news for these back pain patients is that there are few exercises which can cure the pain. It can cause bigger imbalances also. When a person is suffering from back pain, Drs. ask him to take bed rest at first.

Muscle Pain has got a fancy and rather medical name as Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) referring inflammation and pain in the body’s soft tissues. This Myofascial pain can catch a single muscle or a group of muscles. The peculiarity of this is pain in other areas and trigger point is somewhere else. This type of muscle pain is called as referred pain also.

There are few causes of muscle pain. Injury to inter vertebral disc, general tiredness, repetition of actions, and lastly lack of activity can cause severe muscle pain. Good amount of calcium and protein intake would prevent this pain to certain extent. Diet wise also, we need to be highly conscious. High heels and stilettos also cause back pain. Back pain and muscle pain both are equally bad if not attended instantly. Say good bye to these muscle pain and back pain by taking measures at the right time.


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