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Muscle Strain cause to – Back Pain December 6, 2010

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Muscle pain and back pain is when the muscle is excessively stretched or frayed. The actual muscle fibers are injured. Muscles fibers are manacles of muscle cells that are joint together to create a muscle. Muscle pain or back pain is when ligaments are excessively stretched or frayed. Ligaments are extremely tough, rubbery linking tissues. The ligaments attach the muscles to their attachments. Almost every muscle pain and back pain arrives from internal tension and stress. Mental and emotional stress can be root to physical stress and tension to increase in muscles. And this is the reason that we get ‘tight’ emotion when we have angst and unease. The body and the mind are indivisible and they perform their tasks together all each and every work they do. So, if the mind has tension and anxiety, muscle pain and back pain is sometimes the straight answer.

If you have suffered from muscle injury in a particular accident, there is a possibility that inner tension and stress is still to charge. Stress muscles are more vulnerable to damage. Tense muscles are a consequence of mental or emotional tension and stress. Make an effort to calm down and relax and spare muscles the ache of damage. The best option to get rid of back pain is to lie on the back on the floor along with the pillows below your knees, with your knees and hips turned and your feet on a chair.

The extremely common muscle pain and back pain treatment is rest, density and elevation and even ice. Most fitness, sports and ballet buffs are very well aware of this and keep handy ice packs always available at home. Person who is suffering from back pain and muscle pain should keep an elastic bandage with them to use anytime during an emergency. When you suffer from muscle pain and back pain after exercising or performing your daily tasks, you will bring to a close that the overexertion was reason for that. But if in any case, you haven’t performed anything strenuous and still having back pain and muscle pain then in that case it is very essential to get the cause as soon as possible.

Medical help obviously provides instant relief in several cases. But one thing should be kept in mind always that prevention is better than cure, muscles should be sued regularly. Muscles can be maintained in proper shape and toned all the way through regular work outs, more than ever, nutrition and stretch exercises. When you will use your unused muscles then it would definitely cause muscle pain. For example, old people always complain about body pains, and these body pains are normally caused by unused muscles since they don’t use all their muscles in old age. This results from a period when the flexibility gets decreased and the muscles start to depreciation. Following a consistent exercise and having a fair balanced nutritious food providing your body necessary vitamins and minerals can stop the possibility of muscle pain and back pain.


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